海运操作流程(中英文对照)1, Shipper provides: (1) Box (2) Volume (3) Port (4) Shipping Time (5) Goods Name (USA Line, Must Name)2, customers receives the shipping priceTo entrust packing, the freight company asks the shippers about the way of packing.(1) factory site packing (factory address provided by shipper)(2) Warehouse Bating (Freight company provides warehouse address to shipper)3, Freight Company requested customs clearance information from the shippers.EngagementThe freight company pro

  • RAILWAY 铁运

    铁路运输介绍(中英文对照)President Xi Jinping's "Belt and Road" proposal makes more import and export enterprises choose international railway transportation, and our company also uses the policy "Dongfeng" to open up China-Europe railway transportation and Sino-Russian railway transportation.Compared with traditional sea transportation, railway has prominent advantages such as faster speed and low price. Generally, it only takes about 20 days from western China port to

  • EXPRESS 快递

    国际快递(中英文对照)1. Choose an international delivery companyWhen we send the goods, the first thing we do is to choose an international express company. Such as :DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMS. Our company has signed cooperation agreements with the above companies.You can discount the market price by about 70%, so that your goods can be delivered quickly while reducing the transportation cost.2. Express delivery of special goodsOur company has been specialized in sensitive goods express service

  • AIR CARGO 空运

    空运(中英文对照)1. Letter of entrustment: after the consignor and the freight forwarder determine the transportation price and service conditions, the consignor will seal the letter of entrustment and return it to the freight forwarder2: Commodity inspection: The freight forwarder will check whether the contents of the entrustment are complete (incomplete or non-standard), know whether the goods need commodity inspection, and assist to handle the goods that need commodity inspection.3: Reserva







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